Opening the Halls of Editing and What She Found There

The creator of Garfield had it right – Mondays typically suck. You get up early with less than enough sleep attained; rush to get ready for a job that in all likelihood you hate; work said job and hope that you don’t explode, kill someone, or fall asleep; and only after you get home, exhausted from doing something essentially mind-numbing all day, do you start to feel awake… just in time to go to bed so you can wake up early for Tuesday.

It was only after nearly falling asleep at my workstation today, alongside several other classmates who were struggling against the same compulsion as our teacher droned on about the same material we’d covered a dozen or more times before… it was only after nodding off in a way reminiscent of the strange sensation of physically falling when meditating (another story, I assure you) that I came to realize that I had nothing to show for today. Most days when I’m working/sitting through class/trying hard to stay conscious, I’m scribbling away whenever possible either writing out more story or doodling in my sketchbook.

It keeps my hands busy and my mind becomes able to focus a bit better somehow. I don’t understand how that works since for some odd reason I can’t focus on two conversations directed at me at once yet here I am able to focus on the conversation going on inside my head with all the detail and clarity hitting the page while at the same time listening and comprehending what is being said around me. Nope, makes no sense at all.

So as for my not getting anything of note done for the day, after I arrived home and settled down, I started looking through some of my stories in my editing folder.


I really need to do that a bit more often. I tend to forget just what all I have in that thing. They need TLC, of course, but I keep forgetting I even have that stuff. And rereading it, it sort of makes me a little proud of myself because some of them are actually halfway decent. So… off I go to make some more to put in there and continue to ignore. One day, when I’m bored out of my mind, I’ll go through them all and question my sanity… as if I don’t already do that on a regular basis. Hehe… *walks away with a conspiratorial twitch*


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